Verity Assure

Protect your customers from fraud by issuing digitally certified documents.

Protect your customers from fraud

By certifying your documents with Verity you’ll protect your customers and people who interact with your organisation from the following types of fraud:

  • Invoice fraud
  • Business email compromise
  • Mandate fraud
  • Wire transfer fraud
  • Fraudulent payment instructions
  • Updated bank details scams
  • Socially engineered payments
  • Forged academic transcripts
  • Forged certificates

How do I certify documents?

You can certify documents quickly and easily by using our drag and drop web interface, forwarding to a special email address or integrating with Verity’s API.

How are documents verified?

People can verify your documents using the public verification page, by forwarding to a special email address or by integrating with Verity’s API. Custom branded verification channels are also available.


When people verify documents they’ll see when they were signed and by who.


Detect fraudulent documents

If your document is ever modified with an image editor or any other program then the certification is lost and the user will be warned when they verify it. If a document was never certified by your organisation the user will also be warned. At this point they also have the ability to report the document.

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