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How it works

Verify Yourself

Create an account and verify your email address. You can also verify your domain name.

Sign Files

Use your identity to sign any type of digital file. For example: PDF, ZIP, DOC, PHP or JPG files.

What files can I sign?

Others Validate

People and applications can then confirm the file they have was issued by you and has not been tampered with.

How are files validated?

What files can I sign?

Verity allows you to protect the integrity of any digital file type. Some common file types used are:

  • Documents: PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Media: JPG, PNG, TIFF, MOV and AVI
  • Compression: ZIP, RAR, TAR and GZIP
  • Code: HTML/CSS, PHP and JAR
  • Apps: EXE, APP and APK


How are files validated?

Other people and applications can then check that a file they have was issued by you and hasn’t been tampered with, using the following channels:


Drag and drop or upload files into the online validator.

Validate files


Forward files to an email address and get an email response.


Check files from your application with the validate API method.

API Reference

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